2022 EACS Conference took place in Czech Republic: “Taiwan Studies” is rising

The 24th biennial conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS) took place in Palacky University, Olomouc of Czech Republic, from August 24 to August 27, 2022. 600 sinological scholars participated in the conference, including on-site and on-line attendants coming from 30 countries globally. Many papers of Chinese studies focus on “the human rights, law, history, and culture of Ethic minority in China”. Meanwhile, “Taiwanese studies” become much more important than before in EACS. Plus, the Education Ministry of Germany sponsored the research project “Taiwan as a pioneer: local innovation in the dynamics of global megatrends” (TAP) which will most likely become a regular program/department of Taiwanese research in German. Trier University, Ruhr- University Bochum, and Tubingen University mange this project. Owing to Nancy Patricia Pelosi, the Speaker of United States House of Representatives, visited Taiwan in early this August and threatened war crisis between two sides of Taiwan Strait, European countries deeply concern about Taiwanese situations accordingly. As the host country in EACS conference, Czech Republic is specially friendly with Taiwanese while it is always far away from The Mainland China.

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2021 AAS Annual Conference Came to an End Perfectly

Due to the pandemic, the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) suspended the annual conference last year. This year, AAS decided to rerun the annual conference during 21st to 26th March, but in an online way. With the rapid development of technology, the traditional exhibition turned out to be a virtual one, helping scholars all over the world exchange the latest knowledge on asian study. Of course, the United Digital Publications (UDP) is definitely not absent from the extremely important ceremony.

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2019 AAS Conference in Denver

2019 edition of Association for Asian Studies Conference (AAS) and the annual meeting of Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) took place in Denver, at the U.S. state of Colorado. During the 4-day events (March 19-24), UDP’s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Wuu participated in different panel sessions which addressed the developing trends of database industry.

UDP Presented TAC at Harvard China Center in Shanghai

The international conference on Cyberinfrastucture for historical China studies was held at Harvard China Center in Shanghai from March 14-16 in 2018. UDP was honored to present our new inter-database platform — Taiwanese Academic Classics (TAC) — to the audience. UDP was the only one database company from Taiwan who was recommended by Harvard-Yenching Library.

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2018 AAS Conference in Washington D.C.

2018 edition of Association for Asian Studies Conference (AAS) and the annual meeting of Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) took place in Washington D.C. UDP’s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Wuu was invited to take part in the series workshops and annual exhibition at the Global Resources Center of Gelman Library in George Washington University.

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2017 AAS Conference in Toronto

2017 edition of Association for Asian Studies Conference (AAS) and the annual meeting of Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) took place in Toronto, Canada. During the 5-day program (March 15-19), many sinologists and general directors of Asian libraries from North America came to UDP and East View’s booth in the annual exhibition. We’re greatly thankful for your visit to let us know your research needs and how we can keep supporting the global sinologist communities.

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2015 AAS Conference in Chicago

2015 edition of Association for Asian Studies Conference (AAS) and the annual meeting of Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) took place in Chicago. UDP also partners with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as their sole agent in Taiwan for “One Belt One Road,” “Pishu,” “Countries, Regions and Global Governance” databases. Out Editor-in-Chief Nancy Wuu was more than happy to meet our overseas partners in Chicago.

2015 AAS-in-ASIA Conference in Academia Sinica

The second edition of AAS-in-ASIA was held in Taipei, hosted by Academia Sinica in 2015 June 22-24. AAS-in-ASIA had been growing rapidly by bridging the Asian specialists from abroad and researchers in Asia together. It was a great pleasure for UDP to participate in the conference which enabled us to provide the best resource suggestions to suit the scholars’ needs.

2014 UDP Presented Sinica Sinoweb at Frankfurter Buchmesse

UDP was proudly to present Sinica Sinoweb and launch the book of “Unpublished Speech Drafts by Mou Zongsan” at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important international trading venue for content of all kinds — from novels and children's books to scientific databases. We’re honored to be selected as the Copyright Promotion Ambassador by the Ministry of Culture. UDP was the sole digital database company in Taiwan Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair.

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2012 UDP Met Global Parters at Beijing International Book Fair

UDP’s Editor-in-Chief, Nancy Wuu, visited Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) in 2012, which is one of four important international book fairs in the world. During the fair schedule, Nancy had very promising discussions with our partner in North America-East View Information Services ; while she also successfully developed the new marketing strategies with Beijing CINFO, our general agency in China.

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