UDP was proudly to present Sinica Sinoweb and launch the book of “Unpublished Speech Drafts by Mou Zongsan” at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important international trading venue for content of all kinds — from novels and children’s books to scientific databases. We’re honored to be selected as the Copyright Promotion Ambassador by the Ministry of Culture. UDP was the sole digital database company in Taiwan Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair.

During the 5-day events, UDP not only exchanged practical opinions on the ongoing projects with our partners East View (North America) and Beijing CINFO (China), but also discussed many new collaborations with new global partners on international distribution and local production of digital content, such as: China Publishing Group Corp., Phoenix Education Publishing Ltd. (Jiangsu, China), BBC Worldwide (UK), PLANETNEMO (France), Aussie Global Bools Pty Ltd. (Australia), OneDrive (USA), China Data Center at University of Michigan (USA) and publishers from Finland, Russian, among others.