Middle-East Archives: Revelation of World War III

As the 'Russia-Ukraine conflict' rages on and the flames of conflict between 'Israel' and 'Palestine' erupt once again overnight, the world watches with growing concern, fearing the imminent outbreak of World War III. Yet, amidst the power struggles of major nations, the battlegrounds are confined to smaller countries: Ukraine, the Middle East, Taiwan, and South [...]

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Contemporary Socialism Archives: The Rise and Fall – PRC, GDR, Russia

The Chinese Soviet Republic Archive, revealing the origins of the People's Republic of China and the prototype for the Chinese Communist Party's revolution, is now accessible. This collection unveils the CCP's early nation-building history from 1905 to 1940. Secondly, Neues Deutschland, an official newspaper initiated by the Soviet Union in East Germany, traces the evolution [...]

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Taiwan Epochal Democracy Movements: Newspaper & Journals Archive

Independence Evening Post Digital Archive, the only independently operated newspaper during martial law in Taiwan, is now available with " Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines." They chronicle Taiwan's democratic journey. Taiwan, leading in Asia's "Democracy Index" and the only fully democratic Chinese-speaking entity, has resisted foreign rules for four centuries. Moving from the Chiangs' authoritarian rule [...]

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The New Horizons of Taiwanese Sinology by AI and New Tech

Taiwan Academic Classics platform shines as Taiwan's beacon in Sinology, showcasing treasures from the National Palace Museum and Academia Sinica. Offering over two decades of unparalleled full-text search, now enhanced with AI-driven features like image search, coloring, 150000 images extracts, and exclusive videos, it stands as a hallmark of UDP. Celebrated as the "Twin Crown [...]

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The preeminent cultural heritage repositories from Gansu, China

Gansu Province in China is renowned for its rich historical sites, seven of which are recognized as World Cultural Heritage sites by UNESCO, forming an integral part of Chinese culture. Recently, significant databases from Gansu have hit the international market, including Silk Road Database, China Bronze/Stone Rubbings Collection, and Art Wiki. Alongside offering from Beijing, [...]

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South China Sea Disputes & Cambridge Archive (East Asia)

The world's major flashpoints have ignited: 'Russia-Ukraine War' and 'Israel-Palestine Conflict.' Following closely, the situation of Taiwan Strait is on the brink, making Asia-Pacific region a focal point for global military and political experts. UDP recommends three of our databases: South China Sea Disputes Archive (1877-1988) covering territorial disputes, Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines documenting significant [...]

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