As the ‘Russia-Ukraine conflict’ rages on and the flames of conflict between ‘Israel’ and ‘Palestine’ erupt once again overnight, the world watches with growing concern, fearing the imminent outbreak of World War III. Yet, amidst the power struggles of major nations, the battlegrounds are confined to smaller countries: Ukraine, the Middle East, Taiwan, and South Korea. Will the next conflagration ignite in the Taiwan Strait? What lessons can we draw from the Middle East conflict for smaller nations and the global community as a whole? UDP introduces ‘The Cambridge Archive – Middle East’ and carefully selects 12 weighty ‘Islamic Newspapers/Periodicals Databases,’ encompassing a range of aspects from the 16th century onward, including the Israeli- -Palestine conflicts, Jewish nationalism, and various facets of the Middle East involving race, tribes, religion, politics, history, geography, oil, diplomacy, border disputes, and alliances. These primary sources gradually unveil the mysteries of the Muslim world, offering a rare and invaluable resource for the study of international geopolitics.

Cambridge─Middle East

(728 kinds of files, 6212 volumes totally)

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Middle East/ Islam Databases

  • Al-Ahram Digital Archive (1875-2022)
  • Cumhuriyet Digital Archive (1924-2022)
  • Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection(1820-1914)
  • Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection(1000-1990)
  • Afghan Central Press (1922-2020)
  • Afghan Serials Collection (1960s-2001)
  • Universal Database of Iranian Strategic Studies (1991-2017)
  • Russian Islamic Studies (2004-Present)
  • Muslims of the Soviet East (1974-1990)
  • Periodicals of Central Asia and the Caucasus (1998-present)
  • Kavkaz (The Caucasus) (1845-1918)
  • Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers