After the new “Taiwan Academic Classics” platform was launched for one month, the United Digital Publications, self-regarding as a “Taiwanese brand of quality Humanities and Social Sciences databases, will make one new product “The Continent Magazine Archive” be the 10th  database on “Taiwan Academic Classics” platform.

The Continent Magazine is a monthly publication, originally published by The Continent Magazine. It is a pure academic magazine with 7,000 outstanding essays focusing on history. In addition, it also publishes classics, philosophy, literature, religion, anthropology, sociology, political science, economics, textual research, and fine arts. As well as articles in the fields of natural sciences and applied sciences, it is a journal of profound significance.

Nowadays, the over-50-years academic classics are going to be digitized and keep on nurturing sinologists. There are some characteristics about the Continent Magazine Archive which UDP has developed for a long time:

Founded by academicians of Academia Sinica

It was co-founded by famous scholars such as Dong Zuobin, Li Ji, Guo Tingyi, Ling Chunsheng, etc. Scholars such as Yang Shuren, Zhu Jiahua, Zhao Tiehan, Xu Zhuoyun, Xing Yitian, Huang Zhangjian, Du Zhengsheng, Huang Jinxing and other scholars continued to remain unstoppable.

Containing half century of research achievement

Founded in 1950, it was originally published as a semi-monthly magazine. The 36 volumes and 5 issues published in March 1968 were changed to monthly magazines. Until 2002, it ceased publication. A total of 52 years, 862 issues, included the academic context and the essence of contemporary important scholars for more than half a century.

Exclusive Taiwanese classics ╳ full image and full text searchable

UDP exclusively collects the Continent Magazine, and the publication date of the data ranges from 1950 to 2002. It contains 7,012 articles, 62 million characters, 1,400 authors’ pieces; furthermore, the archive is equipped with exclusive full image and full text searchable functions, so as to promote the efficiency and quality of scholars’ search and study.

With 30 years of dedication in Humanities and Social Science databases, the “United Digital Publications Co., Ltd” never stops bringing our guests the most surprising and best-quality classic products, expecting to keep on pouring new energy into global Sinology and social science. The new release’s official announcement is at the beginning of March. Welcome to apply for a trial or purchase it to enjoy the rare contents!

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