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Book Series for Chinese Humanities Seminar at Tamkang University

The digital archiving seminar for the book series of Chinese Humanities took places at the Department of Chinese Literature in Tamkang University. Nancy Wuu, the Editor-in-Chief of UDP, participated in the seminar to discuss the publication launch plan.

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UDP Exhibited Lionart Digital Archive in IT Month

The IT Month (Information Technology Month) was held by Institute for Information Industry and several technology associated organizations, such as: Taipei Computer Association. UDP was invited by the former to present Lionart Digital Archive. The publications on artistic cultures from Hong-gah Museum, and the awarded posters from Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines were also exhibited on-site.

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UDP Collaborates With Guangxi Normal University in Shanghai

Invited by Guangxi Normal University Press, UDP’s Editor-in-Chief, Nancy Wuu, flew to their Shanghai branch to discuss further details about the new collaborations, such as:digital publications, distribution management of academic archives, and so on. The photograph was shot in Shanghai with Mr. Liu, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Guangxi Normal University Press.

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2012 UDP Met Global Parters at Beijing International Book Fair

UDP’s Editor-in-Chief, Nancy Wuu, visited Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) in 2012, which is one of four important international book fairs in the world (*the other 3 book fairs are the Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, and Book Exposition of American). During the fair schedule, Nancy had very [...]

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Global Partner East View Visit Acdemia Sinica

In order to well-prepare for the launch of Sinica Sinoweb in America and Canada, UDP’s alliance partner ─ East View ─ sent their director of strategic partnerships, Mr. Robert E. Lee to visit Taiwan. Nancy and Robert not only visited the Institute of History and Philosophy at Academia Sinica, but they also discussed with Professor LIU Zheng-Yun, who is the Curator of the Fu Ssu-nien Library, about how to integrate the rich digital resources of Academia Sinica and its great potential for further transdisciplinary collaborations with the global research communities. 

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2011 UDP and Lionart Publications Enterprise Officially Launch “Lionart Digital Archive”

“Lionart Monthly” released its first issue in 1971 and had published 307 issues, 44 million characters in total, which well documented the dynamic developments of arts, politics and cultures in Taiwan from 1970s to 1990s. Not only the complete content had been digitized by UDP, but the 3 classical bestsellers within the “Lionart Monthly” magazine — “Chinese Art Dictionary,” “Western Art Dictionary” and “Taiwanese Art Yearbook” — were also integrated in Lionart Digital Archive in 2011. This archive is an exciting collaboration between UDP and Lionart Publications Enterprise, who have the same vision to preserve the great artworks and cultural legacies for the next generation.

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UDP Won Double Subsidies by Taipei City Government!

As the sole company who focuses on providing supreme digital content, UDP was thrilled to announce that our innovative service for “Archive of Classical Arts and Cultures Magazine” won two subsidies by this generous policy for further investment and research in 2011!

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