2019 edition of Association for Asian Studies Conference (AAS) and the annual meeting of Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) took place in Denver, at the U.S. state of Colorado. During the 4-day events (March 19-24), UDP’s Editor-in-Chief Nancy Wuu participated in different panel sessions which addressed the developing trends of database industry. She also discussed many emerging issues on digital copyright with other sinologists and researchers. This visit also included several business meetings regarding the new collaborations with libraries in North America.

Photo (1st row) from left : Visit University of Colorado Boulder ; Nancy (middle) with UCSD librarians Ms. Deng and Ms. Ma read the rare book collections ; UC Press booth at AAS exhibition.

Photo (2nd row) from left : Director General of East Asian libraries and lecturers at CEAL 2019 seminar ; Taiwan National Central Library booth ; UC Berkeley Mr.Chou with Professor Hilde De Weerdt (Leiden University) and UW Ms. Shen.

Photo (3rd row) from left : SCSL annual meeting at Denver Public Library ; Dinner with East View Information Service.