Revolutionizing Research Perspectives
by AI Image Search & Colorization

With the innovative “AI Image Search/Colorization” feature, the “Lionart Digital Archive” revitalizes Taiwan’s art history. Imagine selecting a few from 60,000 originally blurry black and white photos, becoming more layered and distinct after coloring, especially the more enhanced portraits.

From 1971 to 1996, The LionArt Monthly was the leading art journal of Taiwan. A prime platform for the Chinese art community, capturing 25 years of art evolution. It houses rare materials such as works from 4,000 Chinese artists, 10,000 pages of gallery ads, critiques, and artist profiles. LionArt’s mission was to bridge Western ideas with local art, celebrating both renowned Western pieces and budding local artists. Its focus on “Taiwanese senior artists,” “contemporary calligraphers and painters,” and “Oriental art” is particularly notable. Beyond preserving history, it’s been a beacon of inspiration, setting art standards.

The database also boasts art lexicons from LionArt’s bestsellers, encompassing 12,220 entries, 30,000 articles, and 68,000 images. It’s a treasure trove for art scholars and educators.



● 1971-1996, from the first issue to the last one, 307 issues completely included.

● Well-documented Taiwanese Art History during & after the Martial Law Period (1949-1987.)

● Annotations in articles based on Chinese Art Dictionary, Western Art Dictionary and Taiwanese Art Yearbook.

● 4,000 Chinese artists’ out-of-print works revive in digital form.

● 5 search interfaces based on your needs: Text, Layout design, Pictures, Text with pictures, and Text within the original layout. 

● 44 million characters, 30,000 articles, 68,000 pictures, 10,000 pages of nostalgic advertisement, and 12,220 vocabulary entries.