China Comprehensive Gazetteers (CCG)


“China Comprehensive Gazetteers“ (CCG) database is the largest official collection that well documents every province in a variety of aspects. Initiated by each local government within China, this collection compiles the most authoritative records, original documents which has been well-preserved at the National Library of China for a long time.


East View’s CCG database presents an extensive collection of Difangzhi spanning eight centuries (1229-1949). CCG offers an unparalleled look at China through a comprehensive collection of more than 6,500 titles spanning all of China’s regions and covering vast historical periods, from the Northern Song Dynasty up to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

CCG is perhaps the richest single resource available for researching China in multiple aspects, including its political history, literature, minorities, and religion, as well as the biographies of famous personages, its culture, economic development and, of course, its geography and natural history. More than just local gazetteers, CCG also includes source materials, dictionaries, specialized works on topography, palaces, gardens, travel and even foreign travel.

4,915 titles of local chronicles of provinces, prefectures, municipalities, counties.

1,521 titles of water conservancy, mountains/scenery, ancestral temples, gardens/forests, races, borderlands, travel notes, extra-regional states.

152 titles of general chronicles, periodicals, books series, miscellaneous commentaries, dictionaries and indexes relative to geography.



● 1229 ─ 1949 A.D. from Northern Song Dynasty to the People’s Republic of China

● 100,000 volumes, 6582 ancient books, 77 subdivisions under 3 main categories

● The regional encyclopaedia of Chinese Provinces from humanities to natural history