Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archive

(1962 – present)


Over the past 58 years, Zhuanji Wenxue Magazine (Biography Literatures, 1962-present) has become worldwide renowned. Because of its long-lasting publication, people often praise its historical value as the “The Great Wall of Chinese Republican History.” Zhuanji Wenxue is considered as the paragon of unofficial historical record and the excellent supplement to authoritative history of China and Taiwan. It is regarded as equal important to other influential academic institutions in Taiwan. That is, the Kuomintang Party History Commission and the Modern History Institute of Academia Sinica who are both the titans of the studies of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (Father of ROC) and the history of the Chinese Revolution.

Zhuanji Wenxue helps historians find clues to complex historical puzzles, and puts flesh on the bone of official history. It not only collects biographies of political leaders, military figures, eminent intellectuals, but also compiles a variety of voices from social celebrities, chiefs of secret societies, spies, renowned actors, actresses and common people who witnessed at that time.

Zhuanji Wenxue has been devoting itself to fill the gaps and find the truths in history. It consists of autobiography, critical biography, memoir, exclusive historical document, diary, handwriting manuscript, oral history, and much more. Readers will be impressed by this extensive record and its ability to bring history to life.



● From 1962 to the present, full-text and full-image from the first issue to date

● As important as Kuomintang Party History Commission and Academia Sinica in the field of modern China studies

● The paragon of unofficial history

● Excellent supplement of authoritative history

● Essential historical records for researching Republic of China