YishuWiki: Global Art Repository

2.06 million images from 16416 artists,114 countries, 1800 collection institutions

With boasting clear imagery, powerful search capabilities, and comprehensive interpretative materials, “YishuWiki” is a prized collection for galleries, museums, and libraries. It serves as an excellent tool for broadening artistic perspectives and learning art techniques, offering substantial support to artists, researchers, and learners alike.

The archive is published by Gansu Yiwenzhi Digital Culture Co., Ltd. and distributed by UDP.


1. Covering over 2.06 million images globally

  • The collection currently includes works from 114 countries, 1,800 art institutions, and 16,416 artists worldwide, totaling 20,665,561 pieces, alongside 5,745 books and 3,350 calligraphy characters.
  • It spans multiple categories including painting, photography, calligraphy, design, sculpture, architecture, installations, and street art, enriched with a vast array of humanities and historical images.
  • The works primarily consist of public domain pieces by authors deceased for over 50 years, works openly licensed under CC agreements, and copyrighted works authorized through agreements with the authors.

2. Thorough interpretations with the works

  • 35 million entries of interpretive data
  • Author biographies
  • Series titles
  • Genres
  • Materials/Dimensions
  • Color ratios
  • Institutions
  • Related historical events

3. High-res images for detailed viewing

The digital repository contains 23 TB of data, with an average image size of 17.4 MB per artwork. Paintings average 33.13 MB each, with the largest single artwork reaching 20 GB. Explore stunning details with our high-resolution images.

4. Powerful search capabilities

  • Image search
  • Search in Chinese and English
  • Keyword Search
  • Full-text search
  • Combine search
  • Metadata Tag Search

5. Exclusive features

  • Full text translation
  • Color grading
  • Tag
  • Zoom in/out
  • Rotate/mirror