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The Crown Jewels of Sinology in Taiwan

Concept behind the logo design of UDP:

The “blue sea” beneath signifies Taiwan’s characters as a maritime country — broad-minded, tolerant and flexible. At the top is our title (聯合百科) presented in the form of calligraphy, which symbolizes our mission to promote Chinese culture. Finally,  the red pearl imbedded in “udp”, the abbreviation of our English title. It stands for our high-quality archives of Asian studies — “The Pearl of Sinology”.

Pearl also represents “small but fine niche market” that UDP always sticks to. UDP has been devoting itself to build professional and in-depth databases on humanities and social sciences since 1992, when senior publishers Steve Fan and Nancy Wuu founded it. Meanwhile, developing exclusive/unique content and excellent full-text search efficiency to meet research demands is its core value. UDP has published one inter-databases platform of 3.3 billion characters, developed/represented dozens of multilingual databases marketing to 4 continents, 33 countries and was trusted by 1,200 libraries worldwide.

● In 2009, UDP collaborated with Academia Sinica to build up the sole Full-text and Full-image databases for “Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philosophy” and “Chinese Studies” (Taiwan National Central Library) — which is a huge breakthrough to digitize the rare pictograms on Chinese ancient manuscripts.

● In 2011, UDP awarded two vital subsidies from Taiwanese government because of the technological achievements on their innovative services: “Sinica Sinoweb” and “Lionart Digital Archive”.

● In 2015-2018, “Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archive” and “Taiwan Journals Search” launched. The former documents the history of modern China since 1962 to date, while the latter compiles 310+ top academic journals in Taiwan.

● In 2019, UDP attained authorization for the National Palace Museum Journals, evolving our database into the “Taiwan Academic Classics’ (TAC) platform with over 3.3 billion characters. Awarded a subsidy by the ‘Taipei City Industrial Development Bureau’ in 2020, the platform was revitalized in 2021, employing advanced Elasticsearch technology and a modern Sinology interface, providing a refreshing journey through Sinological elegance. The “National Palace Museum Journal Archive”, along with the “Sinica Sinoweb” from Academia Sinica, stand as the Twin Jewels of Taiwanese Sinology, symbolizing UDP’s representative works .

● In September 2023, in keeping with our original intention of ‘continuous innovation in content and technology’, our platform pioneered groundbreaking features in Chinese databases, such as “AI Image Search” and “AI Colorization”. These innovations offer global users a hyperlink that transcends time, fields, and cultures, initiating research perspectives that blend Eastern and Western elements and unveiling unexpected realms of imagination.


Profession | Leading Databases of Humanities and Social Sciences


Ya! Read E-platform

supported by the concessional loan from Ministry of Culture of Taiwan


Archive of Classical Arts and Cultures Magazine

won 2 subsidies for innovative developments by Taipei City government

won “Visual Arts” subsidy by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan in Taiwan

won “National Digital Archives Program” subsidy by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan in Taiwan

shortlisted for “Digital Content Award” by Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan


Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection

shortlisted for “Digital Innovation Award” (Digital Publications category) by the Government Information Office, Taiwan

shortlisted for “Golden Tripod Award” (Digital Publications category) by the Government Information Office, Taiwan


Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology Academia Sinica Full-text Database

shortlisted for “Golden Tripod Award” (Digital Publications category) by the Government Information Office, Taiwan

Global Partners

North America — East View Information Services

CHINA — Social Sciences Academic Press (China)

CHINA — Centre of Ancient Documents Preservation at Gansu province

CHINA — Zhi Cheng Yue Pin

CHINA — China Renmin University Press

CHINA — Beijing Jiguxuan

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